Root Canal Treatment

If the infected and decayed teeth are not treated on time, it means that a difficult process is approaching for the patient. The last chance of the tooth before extraction is to be saved with root canal treatment. This process, which is carried out by specialist physicians in our clinic using the latest technology devices, has been made as short and painless as possible.
When protective measures are not adequately applied, it is natural for tooth decay to occur. This process also means the beginning of a painful period for the patient. The patient who applies to our clinic with the complaint of toothache is first examined. After the examination findings are evaluated and the condition of the tooth is clearly determined by taking x-rays, the treatment phase is started. If the tooth can be saved with a normal filling, small touches will be sufficient for a healthy tooth structure.
However, if the nerve tissue of the tooth and the pulp are damaged, the normal filling process is unfortunately missed. Abscessed tooth seriously reduces the quality of life of the patient. The unbearable toothache, especially at night, turns into torture. At this stage, root canal treatment, which is the only remedy, has to be applied. This treatment is one of the last resorts before tooth loss.


Root Canal Treatment Stages

Root canal treatment is no longer a feared process in our clinic, and a routine dental treatment comfort is provided. Our specialist physicians, who come into play at this stage, use the latest technology instruments of the sector, ensuring that the patient is relieved in a short time and the quality of life is increased.

Treatment is carried out in stages. First of all, the condition of the tooth is clearly seen with examination and x-ray, and then the treatment process is started. Our physicians make it numb by applying local anesthesia to the area around the tooth to be treated so that it does not feel pain during the procedure. The patient is waited for a while so that the local anesthesia can take effect, and then proceeds to the procedure. Our dentist opens an entrance extending from the inside of the tooth to the root canal, by entering through this hole, the inflamed tissue and bacteria formed here are cleaned. The pulp, through which nerve tissue and nerves and blood vessels pass, is removed. Our dentist, who is sure that the tooth is completely free from the inflamed structure, nerve tissue and pulp, closes the hole he opened for cleaning. This process may also differ according to the condition of the tooth. Under normal conditions, the treatment is completed in one or one and a half hours. However, if the tooth is in a much worse condition, our dentist will not close the hole in the tooth, and may want the patient to stay like this for a while with drugs.


Root Canal Treatment Indications

After the root canal treatment is completed, our physician does not definitively terminate the procedure. In this process, the method we call temporary filling comes into play. We need to wait for a while to see if the treatment applied to our patient will give a definite result. During this period, the area where the cavities are cleaned and emptied is closed with a temporary filling material. The patient is advised not to chew with the damaged tooth, and is asked to come back for a while. When the patient re-applies to our clinic, the tooth is re-evaluated. If the treatment is successful, the treatment is terminated by using permanent filling materials.
If you are having problems with your tooth and need root canal treatment, you can contact our clinic and get information about the treatment processes and possible prices.