Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth encompass a painful and problematic period. While the last adult tooth to erupt is the 20′ teeth, it turns into a problem over time because they cannot adapt to the jaw structures. If there is no embedded 20-year-old extraction, it causes abscess, pain and various ailments to be triggered over time. As a result, it causes more damage to the teeth and gums.
In cases where wisdom teeth are not extracted, it may negatively affect other teeth in the area. It is necessary to perform the extraction or surgery process related to the wisdom tooth. Our dentists will make the most accurate decision after the examination.


How Long Does 20 Embedded Tooth Extraction Take?

In cases where wisdom teeth are impacted, surgical operations are definitely needed. In order for the impacted tooth not to turn into big problems later on, treatment studies must be done as soon as possible. The issue of how long the embedded 20-year-old shooting lasts is also one of the most frequently asked questions by patients.
Procedures related to your 20-bit impacted tooth may vary depending on tooth location, nerve placement, and teething rate. However, the extraction of the impacted tooth by our expert surgeons takes place within a period of 30 minutes-2 hours. We take all our precautions when performing an operation regarding the impacted tooth. You will be very pleased with the fact that we have carried out our work in a professional manner.

Is Impacted Tooth Surgery Difficult?

Patients with impacted wisdom teeth may have some anxiety about the surgery. In particular, they may ask a lot of questions such as whether the buried 20-year-old shooting operation is difficult or how it is. Even when he hears the name of the impacted tooth, it can turn into a situation that we can call frightening from the point of view of the patients. However, you should know that there is nothing to be afraid of and that this surgery will be completed successfully.
A successful operation is performed by our dentists who are professionals in their work. As a result of our work to be carried out under regional or general anesthesia, your impacted wisdom tooth is removed. Wisdom teeth that cannot be fully aligned with the jaw are removed and healthier teeth and gums are formed.

How to Extract an Impacted Wisdom?

There are many questions about the impacted wisdom tooth. Our specialists enlighten our patients in the best possible way regarding these issues. For those who are wondering how the embedded 20-year-old shooting is done, let’s explain that our work is done as follows:

  • The area where the tooth extraction will be performed is first anesthetized with local anesthesia.
  • The bone around the tooth is removed.
  • The impacted tooth is carefully and hygienically extracted.
  • After a period of 10 days, the stitches on the teeth are removed and the treatment is terminated.

If you have wisdom teeth that trigger problems such as abscesses and pain, you should contact our services immediately to have them extracted. We do this painlessly with our professional dentists and state-of-the-art instruments. In this way, you will get rid of the painful impacted wisdom teeth.