Lingual Wire

The invisible braces, the lingual wire, is a treatment method with braces structure. This treatment method is done by placing wires inside the patient’s teeth. In this way, the patient both has braces and does not damage the aesthetic appearance. In this treatment method, the person’s tooth structure is intervened with a wire in order to obtain a healthy tooth structure.
We apply this treatment to patients who have an imbalance in their lower and upper jaws, and to patients who have problems with forward shifting. In addition, we use this method for patients with aesthetic concerns and for people who care about their appearance due to their social life. In addition to these, we apply this treatment method in a very professional way, which we apply to patients who require orthodontic application, have general problems, and people who have the habit of grinding their teeth.


How is the treatment applied?

Compared to other orthodontic treatments, this treatment method has a very different structure. We hide the lingual wire in the inner part of the tooth in the treatment prepared according to the size of the teeth taken. In this way, both dental health is protected and the aesthetic appearance is not damaged. In addition, the braces used are different from the normal wire structure and are a product produced in a laboratory environment.

The braces, which are prepared in accordance with the size of the tooth structure, are placed in the inner part of the mouth structure and its external appearance is preserved. After the braces are placed, the harmony with the teeth and mouth structure is followed and your doctor acts accordingly.


How Does the Treatment Process Work?

In the treatment of lingual braces, we first prepare braces suitable for mouth size. We place the prepared braces in accordance with the patient’s mouth. Then we check the lingual wire and mouth harmony.

Depending on the process followed, the wire can be removed. We use the best quality materials for you and prevent some negative situations that will happen afterwards. The material of the wires used in the lingual treatment is completely special and is produced specifically for the person’s mouth structure. In this way, we prevent some negative situations and give importance to customer satisfaction.
Every product used is completely hygienic and we disinfect our clinic regularly. In this way, your chance of experiencing some negative situations experienced in other clinics in our clinic is minimized.


What are the Prices of Lingual Wire Treatment?

It is not possible to give an exact information about the price of lingual type wire treatment. The reason for this is that the price of the braces that are suitable for the person’s mouth structure varies. Since each person’s mouth structure will vary, you need to be examined in order to give an exact price information.

First of all, you need to call our clinic and make an appointment. After the appointment, if lingual wire treatment is deemed appropriate, it is possible to get price information at this point. The braces prepared as soon as possible will be attached to you as soon as possible and how it will affect you is followed at this stage. It is possible to get all kinds of help by contacting our clinic with any question.