Gum Infection Treatment

Gum-related infection treatment is one of the treatments we frequently apply. The gum infection experienced is also known as gingivitis. This problem is experienced due to the bacteria that occur on the teeth and gums.
Acid and toxins are produced in the gums due to bacteria. Thus, conditions such as redness or swelling of the gums are experienced. Against this situation, microbes accumulate between the teeth and gums and gum infection occurs with the weakening of the tooth bone. The important point here is that the treatment of gum infection should not be neglected.


Gum Infection Treatment Process

Infection in the gums is one of the problems we frequently encounter. First of all, examination procedures are performed on our patients in this area. If there is a newly started gingival infection during the examination process, tartar cleaning is performed.

However, if it has passed the initial stage, we carry out a deep cleaning of teeth in this direction. Teeth cleaning is also known as curettage treatment. If there is a severe gingival infection, we apply surgical treatment for our patients with our expert team. Within the gingival infection treatment we have performed, the gingiva is opened and cleaned surgically. If there is tissue loss, additional procedures may occur.

The infection treatment process in the gums is not a simple process. In this case, the drug we will give will not be an effective treatment method. Because with the gingival infection experienced, various loss and damage to the gingiva can occur.

In line with the expertise we have gained in the treatment, this area treatment is created together with the patient’s tissues. Thus, scar formation will be stopped with tissue taken from another area. If there is a situation such as tooth loss due to gingival infection disease, we also apply the gingival infection treatment form aesthetically.


After Gum Infection Treatment

After the gingival infection treatment process we have performed, patients should pay attention to certain things. After the treatment, patients should be careful about oral hygiene and perform oral hygiene regularly.

Serious patients, for whom we have undergone surgical treatment as a treatment in this area, are frequently checked under surveillance for an average of one year. Patients should be careful about what they eat and drink after the treatment process and pay attention to hot and cold sensitivity. Especially the issue of smoking and alcohol consumption is a point that should not be neglected.

Thanks to our controls, various measures are taken in order to prevent situations such as negativities and tooth loss that may occur. During the post-treatment period, all kinds of information are provided by establishing a close dialogue with our patients. We actively communicate with our patients both during and after the treatment process. Thus, gingival infection treatment gives the best results to our patients with long-term control processes.