The treatment applied with the aim of bringing the person’s mismatched tooth alignment to a more suitable shape is called orthodontics. This treatment, which controls the structure of the teeth, is applied for the lower jaw structure. This treatment, which is used in the cracks caused by the regression of the patient’s jaw structure to the anterior or posterior part, requires complete expertise. In our company, we offer you services in every field with fully professional dentists.

If the patient to be treated is in adolescence and there is a problem in the lower jaw structure, it is possible to apply this treatment and solve the problem in a short time. If the patient is an adult, then surgical treatment and teeth straightening treatment are used jointly to correct the person’s jaw structure.


How Is Orthodontic Treatment Done?

The treatment performed to have a better appearance of the teeth and jaw structure is called orthodontics. The biggest aim of this treatment method is to bring the teeth into a better shape towards their position and to close the gaps between them. In this treatment method, we aim to bring the teeth to their current position by tightening them with the help of a wire.

In addition, there are different ways of this treatment. This treatment method can be done in 3 different ways as clear plate, lingual wire and ceramic bracket. The most important point to be considered in this treatment method is the doctor who treats it. The doctor’s area of expertise and dexterity are very important in this treatment process. In our clinic, we have physicians who perform the orthodontic treatment in the best way.


How Does the Treatment Process Work?

The biggest reason for the application of this treatment is due to some disorders in the dental structure of the person. In the treatment applied to overcome this disorder, it is aimed to have a better structure of the teeth. For this treatment process, you must make an appointment with our dentistry and be examined on the specified date.

Afterwards, your doctor will help you in the best way with the treatment method he has determined. In the process of this treatment method, the tooth structure and age of the person are of great importance. When a person in adolescence undergoes dental and jaw treatment, he or she gets through this process with the least amount of problems. However, if the person who will have the treatment is younger than 10 years old or an adult, it is quite normal to experience some minor problems.


What are the Prices of Orthodontic Treatment?

An exact price cannot be given for this treatment. We will help you when you call our clinic for price information. In addition, our physician examines you and determines the area to be treated. Accordingly, a price list will be issued. The price list prepared will generally vary according to the person’s jaw structure and tooth size.

Double-jaw and single-jaw operation in the price to be applied in the prepared price list are among some of the factors affecting the price. However, there is a price range according to the quality of the material used in the process. We use the best and quality products for long-term use in the service we offer to our customers. In this way, we take care to maximize customer satisfaction in orthodontics.