Gum Treatment

Treatment for gingival problems is a preferred technique in case of gingival recession or negative effects on gingiva. In the treatment process, we first recommend filling procedures during the patient examination. Then, we apply various gum treatment methods such as gum prosthesis in line with existing dental diseases. During the treatment of gingival problems, we have patients who have problems not only for health but also aesthetically.
Depending on the problems such as gingival recession occurring in this problem, bad images appear on the patients. In this situation, we recommend procedures such as gingival prosthesis as a treatment for gingival problems. With the treatment method applied, a healthy tooth image occurs.
With the expertise we have gained in gum diseases, we primarily apply preventive treatment forms. With the preventive gum problems treatments applied, the issues that cause dental problems are eliminated. Thus, the negativities experienced in the gingiva will be stopped before further progress.

What are the Causes of Gum Diseases?

In case of gum diseases, examination procedures are performed primarily for control purposes. During the examination, the factors that cause gingival diseases are examined in detail and suitable conditions for treatment are determined. In general, the factors affecting gum disease that cause patients to apply to the gum treatment method are as follows:

  • The use of unhealthy toothbrushes causes damage to the gums.
  • Conditions such as hot or cold and the consumption of acidic beverages together cause problems on the structure of the gums.
  • Biological factors are also effective in gum diseases.
  • Irregular and infrequent oral care also causes dental diseases.
  • Having problems with tooth structure and tooth alignment also becomes an effective situation on gum diseases.


Gum Disease Symptoms

We are often consulted by patients after their gingival problems have progressed. With the experience we have gained in the direction of our patients, the symptoms appear more painfully as the disease progresses. For an effective treatment process, patients should consult us for gingival treatment as soon as their symptoms begin. Gum diseases usually show themselves with the same symptoms.
Yellow stains on teeth and teeth are considered a sign of gum disease. As a result of gum diseases, sensitization problems occur along with conditions such as caries. It is possible to prevent these with regular gingival controls. In line with the gum diseases experienced, we offer various gum treatments for our patients. Among the treatment methods we offer, the most preferred ones are;

  • Gummy smile treatment,
  • Gum infection treatment,
  • Gingivectomy / Gingivoplasty,
  • Flap operation,
  • It is listed as Detection / Curettage.

Our clinic has physicians who are experts in gum diseases. Our expert team will apply gum treatment to you with their state-of-the-art equipment and experience.