Dental Surgery

While dental and gingival health is an important issue, we provide professional dental surgery services in our clinic. We ensure that all kinds of services such as examination, detection, treatment and care related to teeth and gums are carried out successfully. We help individuals of all age groups to solve problems related to teeth and gums in a short time.

There may be disorders in the teeth and also in the soft tissues of the jaw. By being an expert in the field of surgery, we provide the correction of these disorders. Especially badly seen teeth cause a bad appearance in the physical sense. It does not only affect the physical appearance of the individual, but also causes him to feel bad psychologically. We assist in the successful realization of all necessary diagnosis and treatment services.

What is Oral and Dental Surgery?

It is a procedure that provides healing of disorders and injuries in the teeth and jaw area of individuals of all age ranges. As a specialist surgeon, we provide the correction of injuries and disorders in the mouth and teeth area. We continue to provide a quality service process in the oral and dental field. In this way, we carry out all the necessary examinations for patients to lead a smoother and healthier life.
You will take a step towards a healthier life with our doctors who offer professional solutions in the field of oral and dental operations. We can say that the services in our clinic will be as follows:

  • Implant Treatment
  • Embedded 20 years old shooting
  • Cyst Operation
  • Resection

We carry out all kinds of professional studies for the protection of oral and dental health. In order to benefit from our dental surgery treatment services, you need to make a reservation in advance.

Which Department is Go to for Tooth Extraction?

Some problems such as tooth decay and tooth disorders may occur over time. In particular, decaying teeth should be extracted to prevent damage to other healthy teeth. Otherwise, over time, tooth loss will begin to increase even more. We can say that there is a dental department surgery among those who question which department to go to for tooth extraction. You can come to our dental clinic for an examination of the decayed teeth and then the extraction procedures.

Dental Surgery Appointment

If you are going through a difficult process with your teeth, then you can apply for an appointment for dental procedure. The process for the tooth works with an appointment system. By making an appointment for dental surgery, you can have your teeth examined. At the same time, whatever you need regarding your teeth, a successful treatment process is performed by our specialist doctors. You can easily perform many procedures such as correcting dental disorders, tooth extraction, oral care, implant treatment by dentists.

Oral and Dental Surgery Treatment Prices

Those who want to control their oral and dental health apply to our dentist. We can say that while you specialize in dental surgery, you have to pay a separate fee for each type of treatment. Whatever services you need related to the mouth and teeth, we ensure that the problems are eliminated with our dental surgeons.