Transparent Plaque

Transparent plaque treatment is the internal branch of orthodontic treatment and is a generally preferred treatment method. With this treatment method, the patient’s dental appearance, which will have a very aesthetic appearance, will regain its former health. In the transparent plate method, a treatment process that aims and aims at a completely aesthetic appearance is processed.

The treatment applied with the aim of minimizing the problem of the patient’s tooth and jaw disorder is presented to you by our specialist dentists. With this treatment method, it is done with the help of plaques that are completely suitable for the tooth structure without destroying the aesthetic appearance of the patient. These plaques are placed on the teeth of the person and act as wires for a healthy tooth appearance.


How is Transparent Plaque Treatment Performed?

In the treatment of transparent plaque, it is done with the help of a bracket attached to the teeth when the treatment process begins. Until the end of the treatment process, these brackets are a kind of plaque that prevents the teeth from sliding forward, backward, right and left during the treatment process. This treatment method is preferred by our customers who do not want to wear braces and is a method for closing the gaps of the teeth.

This plaque treatment is generally preferred by our customers who work in public areas and serve in public areas. Transparent plaque prepared in accordance with the tooth structure is placed in the tooth structure and placed in the mouth in accordance with the structure.


How Does the Treatment Process of Transparent Plaque Work?

Care should be taken not to have too many distortions in the patient to whom transparent plaque treatment will be applied. Excessive distortions cannot be treated with this method. In addition, this treatment method is only applied to patients over 12 years of age. Different dental treatment methods are applied for smaller patients.

It is not recommended for people who will be treated with transparent plaque if there is a symmetrical tooth disorder. If the patient is deemed suitable for this treatment, measurements are taken from the lower and upper jaw area. After this measurement, we take a photograph of the mouth and, if necessary, an X-ray of the mouth. Afterwards, we send the measure to the record company we have contracted for the production of the record, and when it arrives, we give you a reinforcement plate. After 1 or 2 months, we replace the original plates.


What are the Prices of Transparent Plaque Treatment?

There is no exact information about the price of the transparent plaque treatment. The reason for this is the price range that varies depending on the tooth and jaw structure of the person.

When you decide to make a transparent plaque, it is possible to call our company and make an appointment and get price information after this examination. Since the tooth sizes of the person will be different in the treatment to be applied, an exact price information cannot be included. After communication with our company, which is completely expert, we provide you with a very careful and careful service. Thus, we perform the transparent plaque treatment in the best way and ensure that you get away from your problems.