Composite Lamina

Having a bad appearance of the teeth, which is one of the places that people pay the most attention in daily life, causes low self-confidence in people. You can choose certain treatment methods to overcome this low self-esteem. One of these treatment methods is the Composite lamina treatment. This treatment is applied to remove minor deformities in your teeth without any cutting process. It is a material used specifically for anterior teeth. Our specialist dentists place this material on your teeth and reshape your teeth. Composite laminate process;

  • In repairing your broken teeth,
  • In the process of closing small gaps,
  • In the process of extending the length of your teeth,
  • In the process of changing the color of your teeth,

used. By choosing this treatment method for such complaints, you will have a natural appearance. With this look, you will throw beautiful smiles around you.


How Long Does the Composite Lamina Process Take?

You can choose this treatment method to restore your self-confidence, which has decreased with the negative aesthetic appearance you have experienced. With this treatment method, you will have a beautiful smile and aesthetic appearance without any tooth loss. Composite lamina process varies according to the number of teeth in the area to be applied;

  • In the first session, you are given a rehearsal called mock-up.
    In the next stage, your aesthetic expectations are determined with our specialist doctors and the procedures are started.
  • By performing tartar cleaning, a smooth and clean tooth surface is obtained.
  • In the second session, composite laminates are completed in 15 minutes to 1 hour.
  • In the third session, our specialist doctors are checked to see if there are any problems. If no problems are encountered after these checks, the final procedures are also performed, and you are presented with an aesthetic and natural-looking smile.

These three sessions can be completed quickly. It is easily finished in 3 days without the need for any extension and does not need an extra day.


How Much Are Composite Lamina Prices?

The price varies with the material and product quality used in this treatment. In addition, the number of teeth to be processed varies from person to person.


How to Care After Composite Lamina Process?

This treatment, which is one of the solutions you can get with your aesthetic dental problems, offers you a beautiful aesthetic appearance and a natural smile. After this treatment process, you must visit our dentists within 6 months.
required. Thus, with the necessary maintenance and polishing processes, the discoloration problem will be at a minimum level.

Brushing and flossing regularly is an extremely important factor. By applying these procedures, you will get the highest efficiency from the composite lamina treatment and at the same time you will have a beautiful tooth appearance.