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Why Should You Choose Us?

There are many reasons to choose us! We are here to offer you the best service thanks to our expert dentists, modern treatment methods and patient-oriented approach. We value your health by investing in technology and welcome you with our friendly atmosphere. We are here to bring you perfect oral and dental health.

One of our happy patients tells about her beautiful experience with DENTABELLA®. Have fun watching, be next.

Bahar Kuzu
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I came to Dentabella from out of town to get my teeth fixed. The welcome is very nice. My doctor, Ms. Elif, was very caring and with her correct guidance, I got the teeth I wanted. The teeth were not put in until I said "Okay, it was great." My treatment was completed in a very short time. I would like to thank everyone who contributed and my doctor.
sevgi değer
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As someone with a dentist phobia, I felt so comfortable for the first time. I would like to thank everyone for their friendliness and efforts to make me feel comfortable since I first stepped into the clinic, and I was also very pleased with the results 🙂
Mehmet Fatih Fedaiogullari
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Today, the first stage of my treatment was done at Dentabella. Ms. Sema was a very caring doctor. She did the shooting herself and there was no pain. Of course, Mr. Ömer was also a very good and caring manager. Thank you, Dentabella. 😊
Cenk Yürekli
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I didn't know whether to tell you about the wonderful teeth I got or how to describe your behavior. I hope you enjoy your sincerity and smiling face, I enjoy using them 😁🙏💝
Sevinç Karakaş
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Thank you to Ms. Sema and her team who took care of my teeth. I got beautiful teeth without any pain.

Why Choose Us?

No need to pour tons of money for your dental treatment in your local dentist. Dentabella is the perfect place to get high quality and affordable dental treatment. Our clinic is an exclusive and one of the rare clinics that treat and tend to patients individually. We do not accept groups of patients and treat them in batches. Because we believe it lowers the quality of the treatment and the comfort of the patient. We do not see the number of patients and their treatments as a numbers game. We do not compromise quality for the sake of quantity. You will feel yourself unique in Dentabella. Because you are special to us as every other patient, we have. Besides, who doesn’t want to turn their dental treatment into a holiday in a beautiful and historical place like Istanbul? Enjoy historical sites, Bosphorus, multicultural society of Istanbul, and our delicious Turkish food during your stay here.

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