Prosthetic Treatment

Prosthetic treatment method is preferred because the tooth or teeth are lost for any reason. This method is preferred when there is difficulty in cheek biting, speech, gap and chewing caused by tooth loss. This treatment method is used in many areas. It also provides a more beautiful appearance by eliminating aesthetic anxiety. There are many types and methods of prosthetic treatment. Thanks to these methods, we offer you the most suitable service.

What are the Prostheses Used in Prosthetic Treatment?

The prostheses we use for prosthetic treatment are as follows;

  • Laminate Veneer (Leaf Tooth Porcelain): Leaf tooth porcelain is used to change the aesthetic appearance of the teeth. They are manufactured using very thin porcelains and are specially prepared for you. With laminate veneer, you will have an extremely aesthetic appearance and a natural smile.
  • Emax Kuron: With this treatment method, we provide our patients with a more aesthetic appearance by offering a realistic and natural-looking smile. This treatment, which is one of the prosthetic treatment methods, is prepared from ceramic materials that have a solid structure and elegant appearance, which we have also used in other treatments
  • Zirconium Crown: It is a natural tooth coating treatment that is successful in terms of its solid structure and tissue compatibility. With this treatment, we offer you an aesthetic smile while removing tooth loss. You will have a natural appearance as your own teeth.
  • Smile Design: This treatment method is recommended for our customers who are not satisfied with their teeth or gums. With smile design treatment, problems in teeth and gums are eliminated.
  • Composite Lamina: In this treatment method, no cutting process is applied to the teeth. Only minor deformities are corrected. Composite Laminia; It is applied in repairing broken teeth, closing small gaps, lengthening teeth, changing tooth color.

Prosthetic treatment methods generally offer us these services. You can also apply these treatments for a beautiful aesthetic appearance and healthy teeth. We offer you a beautiful smile with the highest quality and experience.


What Is Prosthetic Dentistry Used For?

This treatment method is generally used in our patients who are late for treatment. In this way, we help you to return to your old natural and healthy appearance with various types of prosthesis to be made on the tooth or teeth you have lost. Prosthetic treatment methods make you feel better and self-confident in terms of aesthetic appearance and spirituality.

This treatment allows the person to use chewing and speaking mechanics comfortably again. In addition, thanks to its comfortable and aesthetic appearance, you will feel more self-confident. For these reasons, prosthetic treatment is one of the most important areas of dentistry. The materials we use for prosthetic dental treatment and all other dental treatments are of such high quality that our patients will not have any problems in this regard again.